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Survivors of Suicide: Anonymous Blog

Survivors of Suicide is an anonymous blog where those who have experienced or had loved ones who have experienced suicide, suicide ideation, and its impacts first hand, can share their stories with the SoS (Survivors of Suicide Blog) community.

Our goal here at KUU-US is to help build and nurture strength, solidarity, and unity in the often taboo area of mental health. Let's help erase the stigma associated with suicide and all mental illnesses and impairments!

Everyone has a rich, and emotional story to be heard, and that's powerful. Help use your power and strength of overcoming trauma and sharing with those needing support or inspiration. We hope this blog is able to shine a light on a dark day when maybe all you need is to read the words of another human being who has been there and has chosen to share their story with you.


The KUU-US Team

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Membre inconnu
12 nov. 2020

Great idea!

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