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Available Monday to Friday  10am to 4pm

Contact Homefullness Coordinator, Rhonda Ursel, at 250-723-2323 ext. 226. 

Are you homeless or at immediate risk of becoming homeless? We can provide a support system to include access to urgent/basic need items along with life skill development and teachings. This supportive housing is through the SFRPHI Program and is a housing first program. Tenants will have a fully furnished suite with access to support staff.

We can help you to gain independent, safe and affordable housing and provide services for a personalized care plan, eviction prevention, and landlord/tenant mediation.  We help with applying for income assistance, disability (PWD), and obtaining employment insurance benefits. Support includes accompanying clients to vacancy viewings and linking potential tenants and landlords.

The project focuses on participants cultural beliefs, individuality, issues, and needs and provides workshops that address the root causes to homelessness such as communication, resiliency, budgeting, and shopping on a limited budget. 

KUU-US will help you to find employment opportunities with local businesses in town. Volunteer opportunities are also available for clients to work with local organizations in the valley.

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