Drop in services for any programs offered by KUU-US are available at the KUU-US Crisis Line Society business office Monday to Friday from 10am-4pm (by appointment only during COVID-19).


Fresh Start Program (daily clothing/employment attire) *COLD WEATHER DONATIONS ACCEPTED*

  • KUU-US provides free clothing, footwear and dress clothes for individuals going to interviews or delivering resumes. This is available for all ages and genders.

New Beginnings free gently used household items): drop by to visit our free store

  • KUU-US fills a need in the community for free household items, toys and furniture for low income people and families.  All items are acquired by the generous support of community members and businesses who donate to KUU-US.

  • By providing these free items, the money clients save will help pay for other expenses they have like healthier food choices, rent or utilities.

  • Too often low income individuals/families have to make choices whether to eat or to have a roof over their head. Office hours to access items it Monday to Friday 10am -4pm.

Community Voicemail Program

Community Voice Mail (CVM) gets you connected…. AND it's FREE!!

Have a goal in mind? Want to go back to school? Are you looking for a job? A place to live? Does your family know if you are safe? All these regular life activities require a form of communication. Access to a telephone is a basic survival tool in today's world. KUU-US Crisis Line Society is proud to bring an innovative program to Port Alberni that has been changing lives and connecting homeless and /or phone less people in Vancouver, Prince George and Calgary for over 7 years. This service is also available on the West Coast during outreach times.

Our staff will be able to assist you on get linked to a CVM number in a few minutes. KUU-US is helping clients  identify and achieve their goals by improving connectivity to health care, social services, contact with family, employment, and housing. The system is 100 % free - 24/7/365.

KUU-US Crisis Line Society

4589 Adelaide Street,

Port Alberni, BC

V9Y 6N2
Tel: 250-723-2323

Fax: 778-421-0440


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