Community Voicemail Program


Community Voice Mail (CVM) gets you connected…. AND it's FREE!!

Have a goal in mind? Want to go back to school? Are you looking for a job? A place to live? Does your family know if you are safe? All these regular life activities require a form of communication. Access to a telephone is a basic survival tool in today's world. KUU-US Crisis Line Society is proud to bring an innovative program to Port Alberni that has been changing lives and connecting homeless and /or phone less people in Vancouver, Prince George and Calgary for over 7 years. This service is also available on the West Coast during outreach times.

Our staff will be able to assist you on get linked to a CVM number in a few minutes. KUU-US is helping clients  identify and achieve their goals by improving connectivity to health care, social services, contact with family, employment, and housing. The system is 100 % free - 24/7/365.



Please call 250-723-2323 ext 226 or 227 


Monday – Saturday:

11:30 AM – KUU-US Compound

12:00PM – Bread of Life

12:30 PM – Port Pub

1:00 PM – Beaufort

1:30 PM – Bottle Depot


Saturdays ~ 11 am to 2 PM - ONLY food hampers are distributed at the

KUU-US compound


11:30 AM – KUU-US Compound

12:00 PM – Bread of Life

12:30 PM – Port Pub

1:00 PM – Beaufort

1:30 PM – Bottle Depot

2:00 PM – Echo Centre

Covid Kits: Mask and Gloves

Hygiene Kits: Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Toilet Paper.

Sanitization Kits: Bleach, Laundry Soap

*Sanitization Kits are given out once a month. Limit one per family*